It’s Janette Scott’s Birthday!

Today’s the 85th birthday of film actress Janette Scott. Star of many classic and charming films throughout the 1950s and 60s, Janette was the object of Ian Carmichael‘s and Terry-Thomas‘ affections in the enduring British comedy…

The Wicker Man 50th

50th anniversary of The Wicker Man & Don't Look Now

Happy 50th anniversary of The Wicker Man!   Art & Hue had the pleasure to access “The Wicker Man” archives at Studiocanal to create a group of stylish pop art prints inspired by the classic film….

Black History Month

Black History Month at Art & Hue

Black History Month The 1st of October marks the start of Black History Month in Britain (in the USA it takes place in February). Creating pop art inspired by the popular culture of previous decades highlights…

Remembering Seth Holt

Seth Holt Director and Editor

On the 100th anniversary of his birthday, Art & Hue is taking a moment to remember the director and editor Seth Holt. His directorial debut was “Nowhere To Go” in which Maggie Smith made her first…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick's Day Patricks

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Art & Hue! (with Patrick Macnee, Patrick Mower, Patrick Fyffe, Patrick McGoohan, and the Irish Film pop art collection).

2023 Classic Film Anniversaries

Classic Film Anniversaries in 2023

This year is packed full of classic film anniversaries, from menacing Brit noirs to enduring comedies. Art & Hue rounds-up the milestones of beloved & cult films to celebrate in 2023. Brighton Rock 75th Anniversary The…

RIP The Queen

Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II

It’s an incredibly sad day and the end of an era. For most of us throughout our lives, The Queen has been the Head of State, a reassuring presence that has remained constant through changing times….

60 Years of Bond

60 years of Bond films

Bond has become a British institution, recognised around the world, and the long-running spy film series all started 60 years ago. As a lifelong fan of the films, having grown up like most cinemagoers with Bond,…

Remembering Earl Cameron

Born on this day in 1917, Art & Hue remembers the pioneering actor Earl Cameron who starring in the Brit Noir classic “Pool of London”. The star of “Pool of London” broke new ground in his…

50 years of On the Buses!

Happy anniversary to the “On the Buses” film which was released in British cinemas 50 years ago today! Opening at the ABC Ardwick & Studio 2 cinemas, both in Manchester, on the 1st of August 1971,…

Remembering Brian Clemens

Brian Clemens

The Avengers writer, producer and director who cast Diana Rigg as Mrs Peel.

70 years of The Lavender Hill Mob

70 years of the classic Ealing Comedy The Lavender Hill Mob

Happy Birthday to “The Lavender Hill Mob” which turns 70 today!   The film also features Sid James, Meredith Edwards, John Gregson, and a brief cameo by Audrey Hepburn before she became an international star. The…

Scotland on Sunday

ScotlandOnSunday Masthead

Chess Pop Art

Gilbert Gunn – Remembering the director on his birthday

Remembering director Gilbert Gunn

Not much is known about Gunn, despite him directing some very popular films which are still regularly shown on channels such as Talking Pictures. It could be said that Gunn helped launch many a career in…

75 Years of Choir Practice

75th Choir Practice anniversary

75th anniversary of Cliff Gordon’s Welsh radio play “Choir Practice”.   From a radio play, presumably believed to be a one-off performance at the time, Cliff Gordon’s story went on to help promote the careers of…

RIP Barbara Windsor

Sad to read the news that national treasure & acting icon Dame Barbara Windsor has died at the age of 83. Dame Barbara Windsor only appeared in nine out of 30 of the original run of…

40 years of Flash Gordon

40 years of Flash Gordon the cult sci-fi classic

FLASH GORDON POP ART Discover the stylish pop art collection by Art & Hue inspired by the cult sci-fi film Flash Gordon.   You are now leaving Art & Hue Art & Hue is not responsible…

60 years of Coronation Street

2020 marks 60 years of Coronation Street

2020 marks 60 Years of Coronation Street, the world’s longest-running soap, set in the fictional Manchester borough of Weatherfield. Granada aired the first ever episode of Corrie on the 9th of December 1960, broadcast live from…

Mrs Peel Day

Mrs Peel Day Avengers

2020 marks 55 years of Mrs Peel Beauty combined with strength, elegance and toughness, wit & intelligence, it’s no wonder we all fell in love with Mrs Peel and Diana Rigg. Happy Mrs Emma Peel Day!…

55 Years of Mrs Peel

55 years of Mrs Emma Peel pop art by Art & Hue

2020 marks 55 years of Mrs Peel Happy 55th anniversary of The Avengers’ Mrs Emma Peel! “The Avengers” Copyright © STUDIOCANAL Films Ltd, (1961-1969). All rights reserved. Copyright © Art & Hue® 2015-2020. All rights reserved.

Happy Birthday Barbara Windsor!

Barbara Windsor Birthday

Happy Birthday Barbara Windsor, 83 today! Dame Barbara Windsor only appeared in nine out of 30 of the original run of Carry Ons yet her perky wiggle and infectious giggle are a vital part of British…

Happy 82nd Birthday to Dame Diana Rigg!

Happy birthday to Diana Rigg, 82 today!

Happy 82nd birthday to the wonderful Diana Rigg! There’s nothing like a Dame, so the song goes, and the lyric certainly applies to Dame Diana Rigg. Since bursting onto TV screens in the 1960s as Mrs…

Happy Birthday Leslie Phillips!

Leslie Phillips mast

Ding dong!

35 Years of Eastenders

2020 marks 35 years of Eastenders

Happy 35th birthday to Eastenders!  

35 Years of Acorn Antiques

2020 marks 35 years of Acorn Antiques

Happy 35th birthday to Acorn Antiques!  

2020 Vision

2020 vision spectacles

Happy 2020! To mark the start of the 2020s, a round-up of spectacles wearers who need their glasses for 2020 vision. Here’s to a great decade!  

30 years of Supermodels

30 years of Supermodels since British Vogue in January 1990

When five fashion models were snapped on the streets of New York by the visionary photographer Peter Lindbergh, the phenomenal impact of that shoot couldn’t have been predicted. That image became the cover of the January…

70 years of The Third Man

70 years since the Gala World Premiere of The Third Man

British film noir “The Third Man”

I’m All Right Jack

2019 marks 60 years of I'm All Right Jack

60 years of I’m All Right Jack A satirical look at trade unions and businessmen, in which neither side comes out well, the industrial relations comedy was well received by cinemagoers, making it one of the…

Remembering Charles Crichton

Charles Crichton Director & Editor

If there’s one name that connects classic film & cult TV, it’s Charles Crichton. From Ealing comedies to The Avengers, the genius director brought his skill and magic to many titles, working as an editor and…

90 years of British Talking Pictures

Alfred Hitchcock’s “Blackmail” “Blackmail” Copyright © STUDIOCANAL Films Ltd, (1929). All rights reserved. Copyright © Art & Hue® 2018-2019. All rights reserved.

70 Years of Kind Hearts and Coronets

70 years of Kind Hearts & coronets by Art & Hue

Happy Birthday to “Kind Hearts & Coronets” which turns 70 today!   The post-war films tapped into the public mood, presenting tales of the small underdog battling a larger enemy, generally state bureaucracy or established institutions,…

70 Years of Whisky Galore!

On this day: 70 years of Whisky Galore the Ealing comedy

Happy Birthday to “Whisky Galore!” which turns 70 today!   Following on from “Passport to Pimlico”, “Whisky Galore!” continued the pattern of employing a regular cast, similar to repertory theatre, with actors & actresses being used…

On This Day: The Next of Kin

On This Day: The Next of Kin released in 1942

On the 15th of May in 1942, the Ealing Studios film “The Next of Kin” opened at the Pavilion Cinema in London. When Ealing Studios were commissioned by the War Office to create a short propaganda…

70 years of Passport to Pimlico

70 years of Passport to Pimlico the classic 1949 Ealing Comedy

Happy Birthday to “Passport to Pimlico” which turns 70 today!   “Passport to Pimlico” established the pattern of employing a regular cast, similar to repertory theatre, with actors & actresses being used across several films. The…

Remembering Sid James

From Hancock Street to Hitchcock & Hancock

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