Graphic Pop Art

Art & Hue create bespoke art which can be produced from photographs for personalised gifts. An ideal gift to commemorate a birthday, wedding, house-warming, or milestone, Art & Hue can create stylish contemporary pop art from your preferred photos, including Instagram snaps.

Images are given the Art & Hue halftone treatment before blocks of colour are applied. Halftone is an age-old technique that uses dots to make up the printed image, similar to newspapers – difficult to demonstrate on-screen but looks great printed.

Framing Guide

For our guide on frame sizes for your unframed Art & Hue art print, take a look here.
Frame Sizes Mini

Bespoke & Customised Art

Most art prints are available in a choice of hues to select the shade that best suits where you wish to display it. Got a room with touches of yellow in it? Choose a print with yellow to fit into your decor scheme or a blue for contrast – your choice.

Almost anything can be given the Art & Hue treatment: from a photograph of a person as an ideal gift or a wedding photo for the perfect memento, to an image of the front of a house as a great housewarming present or a beloved pet or car.


You simply order the size and amount of bespoke prints you want, then email the photograph as an email attachment for the Art & Hue treatment.

If the photograph you’d like to use is online, on Instagram or Facebook for example, you can email the link instead of the photo. Please note we can only access Instagram and Facebook photos that are public and not private.

Bespoke Group Frame
The photograph you wish to use will probably dictate whether the art print is portrait (upright) or landscape (sideways) but you may wish to specify a format.

You must be the copyright holder of any images sent to Art & Hue to be transformed into bespoke pop art.

To create artworks of people, it is best if the photograph includes their whole head and doesn’t chop off any areas – having said that, you may have a favourite image of yourself, a friend, or a loved one that isn’t the full head shot in which case we’ll do our best for you to create a stylish artwork based on the image.

Within 4 working days, we aim to send you a digital image of the finished art for your approval. Please check the design carefully – you will have two free updated images after this point to change anything.

Once you confirm that you are happy with the digital proof, the artwork will be printed on fine art paper of 310gsm using high quality inks.


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