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In 1967, the colour was switched on for the first time in Great Britain, literally and metaphorically.

The BBC broadcast the first colour pictures in July 1967 before BBC 2 started broadcasting in full colour from December of the same year.

Additionally, society at large, and the British cultural landscape, seemed more colourful when homosexuality was decriminalised on July 27th 1967.

Referencing the colourful progress in Britain in 1967, Art & Hue has created a group of four pop art prints to add style to the iconic rainbow as well as a contemporary take on retro television for your walls.

Available in three sizes and 29 colour options, choose from Rainbow, Pastel Rainbow (a delicate ice-cream palette), RGB (the three colours of the vintage TV screen spectrum), CMYK (the colours of printing), as well as 24 other colour choices.

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Live in Colour TV Group of pop art prints
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Art & Hue presents Studios

Lights, cameras, pop art! Studios can be special places, where all the elements combine to create memorable productions and cultural moments that connect with viewers and cinemagoers.

To celebrate the birthplaces of classic films & television shows, Art & Hue presents Studios, a new collection of stylish pop art prints featuring the iconic architecture of British filming facilities.

With many of the studios celebrating milestones this year, Pinewood, Television Centre, Ealing, Elstree, Granada, the South Bank London Tower, and Pebble Mill have been given the pop art treatment to create stylish prints, all available in a choice of three sizes & 18 colours.

Presented in the RGB colours of Red, Emerald Green, and Cyan Blue, (the three colours of the vintage TV screen spectrum), the studios are joined by a trio of cameramen on the studio floor, a triptych of prints which display well together as the lighting grid flows across all three.

Exclusively by Art & Hue, the Studios collection is printed on museum-quality archival card of 310gsm, made from 100% cotton, with fine-art pigment inks for longevity.

Discover the full collection below.

Studios pop art collection by Art & Hue

2020 marks 60 years since the official opening of Television Centre, 85 years since construction began on Pinewood, 90 years since the first Ealing film, 65 years since the Granada building was approved, 20 years since the announcement to close Pebble Mill, 50 years since construction took place on the South Bank London Tower, and 95 years since Elstree announced the building of eight studios in Borehamwood.

Copyright © Art & Hue ® 2020. All rights reserved.

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