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What started as a creative outlet separate to the day job has turned into a large collection of stylish pop art prints on various themes.

Whilst nailing a client’s design brief can be rewarding (designing award-winning websites & brand identities for companies of all sizes) or consulting with brands on their creative direction and forecasting can be stimulating, Art & Hue is my very own way of creating work that reflects my personal aesthetic and interests.

I’m drawn particularly to Mid-Century Modernism, stylish film & TV of the 1960s, and the retro print techniques used at the time.

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Studiocanal, ITV, Renown Pictures, Rex Features/Shutterstock, Mary Evans Picture Library, and the estate of John Stephen, so far, and delving into their wonderful archives to create pop art collections including The Avengers, Audrey, Carry On, British Film Noir, Ealing Comedies, From Stage to Screen, Funny Men, Funny Women, Hammer Horror, Joan, Jackie, Joanna Lumley, Julie Christie, Saucy Seventies, School for Scoundrels, and The Wicker Man – to name a few – with more in the pipeline.

I’ve also had the privilege to install a permanent gallery of pop art at the iconic Elstree Studios, display pop-up exhibitions at the BFI and the InterContinental Hotel, as well as meet Valerie Leon, Janette Scott, David Prowse, and Dame Diana Rigg (twice! once at the BFI and also at Elstree Studios).

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Dame Diana Rigg at Elstree Studios

Art & Hue

Made in Britain, Art & Hue creates stylish pop art inspired by various themes including the 1960s, cult film & TV, and Mid-Century Modernism.

Alongside studio collections, Art & Hue creates bespoke art from your photographs for personalised gifts. An ideal present to commemorate a birthday, wedding, house-warming, or milestone, Art & Hue can transform your preferred photos, including Instagram snaps, into stylish contemporary pop art.

Called Art & Hue because of the combination of imagery and colour, the fact it sounds like two boys names is a delightful coincidence.

Stylish Pop Art

Images are given the Art & Hue halftone treatment before blocks of colour are applied. Halftone is an age-old technique that uses dots to make up the printed image, similar to newspapers or comic books – difficult to demonstrate on-screen but looks great printed.

As well as bespoke art prints, customised to the recipients specifications, there are “ready-to-buy” prints on many themes including royalty, London and food to name a few, available in various colours. All art prints are open edition unless otherwise specified as limited.

Framing Guide

For a guide on frame sizes for your unframed Art & Hue print, take a look here.
Frame Sizes Mini

Designed & Printed in Britain.

Fine Art Paper & Inks

Unlike traditional posters, which are printed on thin paper with inks that will fade, Art & Hue creates unframed art prints on 310gsm museum-quality archival matte paper, made from 100% cotton, using fine art pigment inks for longevity. The lightly-textured British-made paper is a thick card at 310gsm thickness.

A4 size prints are shipped flat in cardboard envelopes to protect artwork with the larger A3 & A2 sizes posted in sturdy tubes.



It’s always lovely to receive positive feedback about Art & Hue, here’s a small selection:











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