Art & Hue presents Brit Noir

Art & Hue presents Brit Noir, a collection of pop art prints inspired by Mid-Century British crime thrillers.

An official collaboration with Studiocanal, Art & Hue has reimagined the original film noir posters to create stylish pop art prints, available in three sizes and 24 colour options, with or without text.

Featuring Richard Attenborough, Earl Cameron, Sean Connery, Diana Dors, Maggie Smith, and Orson Welles, this group of six British noir films have been given the Art & Hue treatment to create contemporary pop art.

Some of these films caused outrage for depicting the criminal underbelly but were popular with audiences at the time and have maintained their respected reputation, becoming film noir classics that have endured.

Exclusively by Art & Hue, all pop art prints are printed on museum-quality archival card of 310gsm, made from 100% cotton, using fine-art pigment inks for longevity.

Find “Brighton Rock“, “Yield to the Night“, “Nowhere To Go“, “Pool of London“, “The Frightened City“, & “The Third Man” on DVD at Amazon.

The Third Man

“Brighton Rock” (1947), “The Third Man” (1949), “Pool of London” (1951), “Yield to the Night” (1956), “Nowhere to Go” (1958), “The Frightened City” (1961) Copyright © STUDIOCANAL Films Ltd. All rights reserved.
Copyright © Art & Hue ® 2017-2020. All rights reserved.

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