Art & Hue presents Billy Liar

Stylish Billy Liar pop art, inspired by the classic 1963 film of the British New Wave.

Step into the colourful world of “Billy Liar” with Art & Hue’s new collection of pop art inspired by the seminal 1963 film.

The collection features stylish prints of the film’s unforgettable characters, including Billy Fisher himself, Liz, Rita, Arthur, Stamp, and Barbara, plus new remixed poster designs.

Considered one of the most significant and influential films in British cinema, “Billy Liar” was the final film of the British New Wave when it was released in 1963, subverting the social realist and kitchen sink genres with its use of fantasy sequences and documentary-style location shooting.

Directed by John Schlesinger, based on Keith Waterhouse’s novel & screenplay with Willis Hall, the film stars Tom Courtenay with an outstanding supporting cast including Julie Christie, Helen Fraser, Gwendolyn Watts, George Innes, Leonard Rossiter, Rodney Bewes, Wilfred Pickles & Mona Washbourne.

Filmed in Bradford, the film contrasts its kitchen-sink setting with fantasy sequences of Billy’s daydreams. Billy Fisher is a young man in Yorkshire who harbours ambitions to become a successful writer in London, escaping his mundane reality through his dream sequences in the fictional land of Ambrosia.

Strong, independent and self-assured, Julie Christie‘s breakthrough role of Liz helped to redefine female characters, considered to be an inspiration for many women to challenge stereotypical gender roles.

Liz overthrows previous gender expectations – she is liberated and an equal to Billy, if not superior as she’s confident, ambitious, and isn’t hampered by his plaintive indecisiveness.

The film’s themes of social mobility struck a chord with audiences in 1963, particularly the post-war generation of British youth, who questioned traditional values and sought greater freedom and self-expression. The film was revolutionary as well as influential, and still appears on many lists of top British films of all time.

“Billy Liar” reflected the changing cultural and social landscape of Britain in the early 1960s and its influence can still be seen in contemporary cinema and television today.

2023 marks 60 years of classic film Billy Liar

An official collaboration with Studiocanal to mark 60 years of the film’s innovative storytelling and groundbreaking portrayal of Northern working class characters in 1960s Britain, Art & Hue has delved into the archives to uncover images from the iconic film “Billy Liar” which have been transformed into stylish pop art prints.

Exclusively by Art & Hue, the “Billy Liar” collection is available in three sizes & many colours, printed on museum-quality archival card of 310gsm, made from 100% ethically-sourced cotton, with fine-art pigment inks for longevity.

Bring a touch of retro milk-bar chic to your home with these stylish and fun prints, perfect for any fan of pop culture or vintage cinema.

Discover the Billy Liar prints below

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