Introducing ORANGE, a zesty new hue.


Orange is a zesty addition, more zingy than the more muted Copper orange also available, bringing the Art & Hue colours to 20 options.

Juicy and “pop”, citrus Orange works as an unexpected accent to add a hit of fun colour to any interior. A popular shade in the 1960s, applied to household appliances as well as fashion, the invigorating colour brings youthful modernity to a space.

Months in the planning, as it takes a while to add a freshly-squeezed colour to almost 500 existing pop art prints, the zingy satsuma shade of Orange is primed to have its moment in interiors. Not since the presentation of the 021C concept car in 1999 has carotene Orange felt so right.

The zesty tangerine shade of Orange has been used with Purple since 2018 when the combination was first introduced as part of the “From Stage to Screen” collection, but now it’s also available as a joyful single colour option.

The new carrot hue of happy Orange has been added to all the existing prints previously available in single colour options where applicable.

For pure Vitamin C, use citric Orange as the only colour in a space with black and white, neutral greys, or beiges – or take a look at the combinations below for palette & mood board inspiration.

Colour swatch with new Orange
If you’re looking to display prints of different colours together, place an Orange pop art print next to Lilac or Purple for a hit of 70s retro; for an atomic Mid-century Palm Springs spin, combine Orange with Aqua & Yellow; with Think Pink and Sky Blue for 1950s freshness; or with Fuchsia & Emerald green for a heady & fruity 1980s mix.
Retro Orange Palette
Midcentury Orange Palette
Fresh Orange Palette
Fruity 80s Orange Palette

Here’s a small selection of just some of the many prints now available in ORANGE

Brass tuba stylish pop art print by Art & Hue
Brass trumpet stylish pop art print by Art & Hue
Brass Pair of stylish pop art prints by Art & Hue
Orange Basket stylish pop art print by Art & Hue
The Likely Lads in Orange

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