55 Years of Mrs Peel

55 years of Mrs Emma Peel pop art by Art & Hue

It’s Mrs Emma Peel month!

2020 marks 55 years since Mrs Peel first debuted on British television in September 1965.

On the 28th of September 1965, audiences were introduced to Diana Rigg as Emma Peel in the first episode of the new series of “The Avengers” called “The Town of No Return”.

Airing first on the Rediffusion London and Scottish Television channels on September 28th 1965 at 8pm, the fourth series had new iconic theme music by Laurie Johnson and a new title sequence.

The Avengers Titles Pop art by Art & Hue
Mrs Peel Titles Pop art by Art & Hue
To mark 55 years of Mrs Emma Peel, Art & Hue presents two new pop art prints inspired by “The Avengers” title sequence featuring Diana Rigg & Patrick Macnee.

The new prints are available in three sizes & two colour options, Art & Hue’s signature colours of Red, Yellow & Aqua, and Tonal Greys similar to the black-and-white series in which Mrs Peel made her debut.

An official collaboration with Studiocanal, these prints are new additions to the existing collection of stylish pop art by Art & Hue inspired by images from the photographic archives of the cult 1960s British TV show The Avengers.

2020 marks 55 years of Mrs Peel

The Town of No Return

The Avengers visit the seaside village of Little Bazeley by the Sea to investigate the disappearances of multiple agents.

To say any more about the plot would risk spoiling the joy for a first time viewer but suffice to say it’s a great introductory episode, with snappy dialogue, mystery, and jeopardy.

With Patrick Newell in a short-lived cameo (he would return in later shows as Mother) and Terence Alexander (as Piggy Warren), the first episode of the new series was the perfect blend of menace, humour, and style to introduce Diana Rigg as Mrs Emma Peel.

The Town of No Return episode
The episode is packed with iconic scenes, from the fencing introduction (during which we learn that Mrs Peel has just written a scientific article for publication), to afternoon tea on the train (with milk, no lemon).

Mrs Peel wins all round, conquering the baddies as well as viewers, all whilst looking fabulous in John Bates clothing.

Under the label Jean Varon, Bates provided a striking op-art capsule wardrobe for the new series, featuring pieces and accessories that perfectly complemented Emma Peel’s modernity and independence.

The Avengers” was the first television show to have a fashion range available in stores so fans could buy Mrs Peel’s wardrobe.

Shops stocked footwear made by Rayne, Dents gloves, Charnos & Echo hosiery, berets by Kangol, and Jean Varon clothing made under license by various firms.

Despite being the first episode to air with Mrs Peel, it was actually the 14th to be filmed with Diana Rigg (glossing over the initial attempt to film “The Town of No Return” with Elizabeth Shepherd), on location in Norfolk and at Elstree Studios.

Filming commenced on this particular episode 34 weeks into production, by which point it seems clear the creative team had firmly established the tone of the new series and Diana Rigg was fully immersed in the role of Mrs Peel.

The result is a most impactful Avengers debut that resonated with British television viewers and would go on to captivate international audiences.

Mrs Peel Titles Pop art in Greys by Art & Hue

Happy 55th anniversary of The Avengers’ Mrs Emma Peel!

55 years of Mrs Peel pop art prints by Art & Hue

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