Remembering Earl Cameron

Born on this day in 1917, Art & Hue remembers the pioneering actor Earl Cameron who starring in the Brit Noir classic “Pool of London”. The star of “Pool of London” broke new ground in his…

2020 milestones

Art & Hue's round-up of 2020 milestones & anniversaries

RIP Earl Cameron

Pool of London Pop art print by Art & Hue

Art & Hue is saddened to learn the news that the actor Earl Cameron died on the 3rd of July 2020 at the age of 102. The star of “Pool of London” broke new ground in…

Happy 100th Birthday Earl Cameron!

Happy 100th Earl!

As Earl Cameron presumably receives his telegraph today from The Queen, Art & Hue would like to join Her Majesty in wishing him a very happy 100th birthday. Not only has Earl reached the milestone of…

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