35 Years of Acorn Antiques

2020 marks 35 years of Acorn Antiques
Today marks 35 Years of Acorn Antiques, the classic soap spoof by Victoria Wood.

Set in “Manchesterford“, the iconic characters of Miss Babs, Miss Berta, & Mrs Overall first appeared on our screens on this day in 1985.

“Acorn Antiques” debuted on BBC Two as part of the ground-breaking comedy series “Victoria Wood as Seen on TV”.

The wonky sets, shaky camerawork, random plots, missed cues, and fluffed lines perfectly lampooned low-budget TV such as Crossroads.

The impact of the soap-parody lasted beyond the original two series, spawning a mock-documentary about the life of the Mrs Overall actress Bo Beaumont during the 1987 Christmas special, Mrs Overall’s revival in “The Mall” in 1992, and an award-winning West End musical in 2005.

Victoria Wood Pop Art print by Art & Hue

Happy 35th birthday to Acorn Antiques!


2020 marks 35 years of Acorn Antiques

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