2019 Events

2019 is packed full of anniversaries, including 70 years of classic Ealing comedies, 50 years since “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” and “The Italian Job”, and 55 years since Diana Rigg started filming “The Avengers”. For inspiration, for you or as a gift, here’s Art & Hue’s handy round-up of milestones in 2019 and related pop art prints.


70 years of The Third Man

70 years since the Gala World Premiere of The Third Man

The classic British film noir “The Third Man” premiered 70 years ago in Hastings. The Grand Gala World Premiere was held at the Ritz Cinema in Hastings, East Sussex, on the 1st of September 1949 before the London opening on the 2nd.

The Third Man

70 Years of Passport to Pimlico

70 years of Passport to Pimlico the classic 1949 Ealing Comedy

On the 28th of April in 1949, “Passport to Pimlico” opened at both the Gaumont and Pavilion cinemas in London. The studios had released comedies previously, such as “Hue & Cry” in 1947, but Ealing’s prolific output in 1949 was a boom period for the studios, with critical and commercial success. “Passport to Pimlico” established the pattern of employing a regular cast, similar to repertory theatre, with actors & actresses being used across several films.


70 years of Whisky Galore!

On this day: 70 years of Whisky Galore the Ealing comedy

On the 16th of June in 1949, “Whisky Galore!” opened at both the Gaumont and Pavilion cinemas in London and proved to be a box office success, at home & internationally – the film was renamed “Tight Little Island” for American audiences and the French title inspired the name of the world’s first ever discotheque, Whisky à Gogo in Paris.


70 Years of Kind Hearts & Coronets

70 years of Kind Hearts & coronets by Art & Hue

On the 23rd of June 1949, “Kind Hearts & Coronets” opened at the Leicester Square Odeon cinema in London, appropriately enough on Dennis Price’s birthday. Regarded by many as the finest Ealing comedy, “Kind Hearts & Coronets” stars Alec Guinness as all nine members of the D’Ascoyne family who stand in the way of Dennis Price‘s goal.

Kind Hearts & Coronets

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’s 50th Anniversary

2019 marks 50 years of the classic 1969 James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. Regarded by many to be the best Bond film, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” has it all – Diana Rigg, Joanna Lumley, Anouska Hempel, Jenny Hanley, Julie Ege, Verner Panton lighting, a mountain-top lair, a Christmas song, a beautifully poignant love song by Louis Armstrong, and arguably the best John Barry soundtrack ever.


45 years of The Wicker Man

45 years of cult film The Wicker Man

The cult horror musical “The Wicker Man” had a patchy release history, with previous test screenings and previews in 1973, but the film had its “official” premieres 45 years ago in 1974. The Scottish premieres took place at the Regal Cinema in Stranraer & the Cinema in Newton Stewart on the 13th of January 1974, ahead of the “official” nationwide release on the 20th of January 1974. Starring Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee & Britt Ekland, the film endures as a unique classic.


50 years of The Italian Job

The Italian Job trio of pop art prints by Art & Hue

On the 5th of June in 1969, the seminal 1960s film “The Italian Job” opened at London’s Plaza cinema.


90 Years of Hitchcock’s Blackmail, the first all-British talking picture

2019 marks 90 years of “Blackmail”, the first all-British film production with sound. The film premiered at the Capitol cinema in London on the 28th of July 1929.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Blackmail

60 years of I’m All Right Jack

2019 marks 60 years of I'm All Right Jack

60 years ago on the 13th of August 1959, the classic British comedy “I’m All Right Jack” opened at the Leicester Square Theatre. The film was a huge hit, so much so that Prime Minister Harold Macmillan apparently requested a copy to show to President Eisenhower on his visit to Great Britain in 1959.

I’m All Right Jack

Art & Hue turned 5 years old in 2019!

Art & Hue is 5 years old!

Art & Hue turned five years old in 2019! Half a decade has seemingly flown by very quickly during which time many new pop art collections have been launched, inspired by Mid-Century Modern style, film, television, royalty, sport, and more themes.

Art & Hue turns 5!

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