Sean Connery

A competitive bodybuilder, Sean modelled for the first fashion boutique in the Carnaby area of Soho (Vince Mans Shop on Newburgh Street) where John Stephen worked briefly before establishing a chain of shops on Carnaby Street and around the world.

Connery went on to appear in supporting roles in a number of films before landing a lead part in “The Frightened City“. Released the year before the first ever James Bond film “Dr. No” started production, Sean Connery cut a dash as a London gangster in the British noir film.

Seduction, guns, judo, and drinks – with hindsight it makes perfect sense that Cubby Broccoli would want to cast the vital Scotsman as 007 after seeing Connery steal this tale of London crime gangs and protection rackets.

The ultimate film spy of the 1960s, Sean Connery helped establish a film franchise with a swagger and ruthlessness that captivated filmgoers across the world.

Gadgets, glamour, and guns – they’ve become familiar to global audiences and no spy film or TV show can use them without being aware of the legacy of the suave British agent 007. James Bond has become a British institution recognised around the world and the long-running spy film series continues to appeal to filmgoers.


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