Edward Woodward

Having previously written for “The Avengers“, James Mitchell wanted to create a grittier, darker show so he penned “Callan” starring Edward Woodward as the eponymous undercover agent and assassin.

Ruthless and suspicious of his targets and colleagues, Callan depicted national security and the Cold War at the sharp edge, with torture as standard (referenced by the swinging lightbulb in the title sequence) and assassination plots.

Edward Woodward would continue the theme of spycraft in the shadows in his 1980s show “The Equalizer” where he dispensed vigilante justice.

Lauded for his performance in cult film “The Wicker Man”, it’s the series “Callan” where audiences were first captivated by Edward Woodward and cared whether his character would live or die when he was shot for the cliffhanger at the end of the second series in 1969.


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