Jack Warner


Jack Warner pop art print, part of “The Ladykillers” and “Ealing Comedies” pop art collections.

Unframed art giclée print, printed on 310gsm fine art museum-quality matte paper, made from 100% cotton, using archival pigment inks for longevity.

Also available as part of a group of six prints.

Available in three sizes – choose your preferred colour from 20 options. Select a colour to preview image (click on image to expand):


Jack Warner stylish pop art print of the actor from the classic Ealing comedy “The Ladykillers“.

The Ladykillers

A classic Ealing comedy, much-loved by film fans, “The Ladykillers” was the penultimate Ealing Comedy starring Alec Guinness.

When Alec Guinness and his crew turn up at the house of Mrs Wilberforce to rent rooms, she’s unaware that the crew are planning a heist.

Masquerading as an amateur string quintet looking to rehearse, Mrs W. soon cottons on to the gang’s crime and threatens to report them to the police, at which point it’s decided one of them must become a lady killer to keep her quiet.

With an all-star cast of classic British actors including Alec Guinness, Cecil Parker, Herbert Lom, Peter Sellers, Danny Green, and the archetypal policeman Jack Warner, “The Ladykillers” is fondly considered to be one of the best Ealing comedies.

Directed by Alexander Mackendrick, who also directed the Ealing comedies “Whisky Galore!” and “The Man in the White Suit“, the wealth of acting talent in “The Ladykillers” warranted its own pop art collection by Art & Hue alongside other Ealing Comedies.

With supporting actors Frankie Howerd and Kenneth Connor, “The Ladykillers” was to be Katie Johnson’s penultimate film which earned her a British Film Academy award for Best British actress at the age of 77.

The writer William Rose also won a Bafta Award for “The Ladykillers”, for Best British Screenplay, as well as a nomination for an Academy Award.

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Jack Warner

Jack Warner played policemen and detectives throughout his film career but is perhaps most remembered by many for “Dixon of Dock Green”.

Jack Warner first appeared as PC George Dixon in the film “The Blue Lamp” which opened at the Odeon Leicester Square on the 19th of January 1950. Written by Ealing stalwart T.E.B. Clarke, the film inspired the television series with Jack Warner reprising the role in 1955.

Producing 432 episodes, the long-running police serial welcomed many guest actors across 21 years, including Penelope Keith, David Hemmings, Yootha Joyce, Brian Murphy, June Brown, Michael Caine, Jess Conrad, Liz Fraser, Elizabeth Shepherd, Patrick Mower, Richard O’Sullivan, Sean Connery, Ray Brooks, June Whitfield, Steve Marriott, Earl Cameron, John Challis, Roger Lloyd Pack, Edward Woodward, Rosalind Knight, and Diana Dors, to name a very few.

Along with Alastair Sim, Warner starred in what is considered to be the first official Ealing comedy “Hue & Cry”, which was a box-office success at British cinemas in 1947 and an encouragement to Ealing Studios to make more comedies.

Some of Jack Warner’s other film credits include “Here Come the Huggetts” with Diana Dors, “Train of Events” with John Gregson, “Scrooge” (released as “A Christmas Carol in America”) with Alastair Sim and a young Patrick Macnee as the young Jacob Marley, “The Captive Heart” with Basil Radford, “Meet Me Tonight” with Stanley Holloway, “Boys in Brown” with Richard Attenborough & Barbara Murray, “Valley of Eagles” with Christopher Lee, “Emergency Call” with Earl Cameron, “The Square Ring” with Joan Collins, Sid James, & Joan Sims, “The Final Test” with George Relph, “Carve Her Name with Pride” with a young uncredited Michael Caine, and “The Quatermass Xperiment” with Gordon Jackson.

The Ladykillers Pop Art

Art & Hue had the pleasure to delve into the archives for the Ealing Comedy “The Ladykillers” to create this stylish pop art print of Jack Warner, available in three sizes and 20 colours.

Available in A4, A3, and A2 sizes to fit standard-size picture frames. Please note that black frame is not included – for a guide on choosing a frame size take a look here.

An official collaboration with Studiocanal, this print is part of “The Ladykillers” and the Ealing Comedies collections of stylish pop art prints inspired by the classic British comedy films made at Ealing Studios, featuring Art & Hue’s signature halftone style (halftone is an age-old technique that uses dots to make up the printed image, similar to newspapers or comic books).

“The Ladykillers” Copyright © STUDIOCANAL Films Ltd. (1955). All rights reserved.
Copyright © Art & Hue® 2019. All rights reserved.

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