2018 Events

2018 is packed full of anniversaries, from the first time we got to see Steed with Tara King to the invention of champagne. For inspiration, for you or as a gift, here’s Art & Hue’s handy round-up of milestones in 2018 and the pop art inspired by them.


325 Years of Champagne

2018 marks 325 years since the French monk Dom Perignon invented the favoured tipple of celebrations. The preferred drink of The Avengers, discover stylish pop art by Art & Hue that feature drinks, including Sean Connery, Mick Avory, Joanna Lumley, and Jet Set cocktails.

See pop art featuring cocktails & tipples in the Drinks collection.

TV anniversaries
TV anniversaries in 2018

130 years ago, one of the main inventors of television John Logie Baird was born. He also developed colour TV which he first demonstrated 90 years ago. From cult TV shows to TVs themselves, discover stylish pop art inspired by television.

See Art & Hue’s Colour TV Pop Art.

The Louvre
225 years of The Louvre Museum

2018 marks 225 years since the Louvre Museum in Paris first opened. Housing one of the most famous, if not the most famous, pieces of art, The Louvre is home to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Art & Hue has remixed museum classics to create contemporary stylish pop art prints.

Have a stroll through the Museum Pop Art collection.

Carry On 60 year anniversary
60 Years of Carry On

2018 marks 60 years since the first ever Carry On film when “Carry On Sergeant” was released in cinemas and went on to become the longest-running British film series. Art & Hue has prints of the iconic comedy actors and re-imaginings of the posters.

See pop art featuring the Carry On icons & Film Posters.

80 Years of The Beano Comic
80 Years of Beano

2018 marks 80 years since the iconic British comic was first published in 1938. It has become an integral part of childhood and introduced numerous generations to the cheeky escapades of classic characters such as Dennis & Gnasher, Minnie the Minx, & the Bash Street Kids.

Flick through Art & Hue’s collection inspired by the iconic British comic.

NHS at 70
70 years of the NHS

After the Second World War, the government introduced healthcare for all in 1948. The NHS has become a vital part of British life, helping to fix us when needed. The Carry On team couldn’t resist setting several of their comedic films in British hospitals, including the first “Carry On Nurse”.

Visit the comedy ward of Carry On pop art by Art & Hue.

Queen's Coronation
65 years of Queen Elizabeth II

2018 marked 65 years since The Queen’s coronation. The longest-serving British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II became the Head of State in 1952 upon the passing of The King and was crowned in 1953. A British icon, literally, the Queen’s image is all around us on currency & postage.

Discover right-royal pop art by Art & Hue.

1st Class Postage Stamps
50 years of 1st Class Postage

50 years ago, the Royal Mail introduced a two-tier postage system with 1st & 2nd Class postage stamps. Art & Hue has created stylish pop art prints, available in 3 sizes & many colour options, inspired by the British institution’s iconography, including First Class Stamps & the Post box.

See stylish pop art inspired by the Post Office & pillar boxes.

70th birthday of Prince Charles the Prince of WalesPrince Charles Turns 70

To mark the 70th birthday of Prince Charles, Art & Hue has created a pair of stylish pop art prints of the Prince of Wales and his official London residence Clarence House, available in 3 sizes & 19 colour options, including Union Jack.

Discover right-royal pop art by Art & Hue.

The Queen Opens Gatwick Airport
60 years of Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport was officially opened by The Queen 60 years ago on the 9th of June 1958. Art & Hue adores the glamour of Mid-Century air travel and has created stylish pop art inspired by the Jet Set. The Queen is represented in the Royal collection of pop art prints.

Fly over to the Jet Set pop art as well as the Royal prints.

50 years since The Queen opened the Hayward Gallery
50 years of the Hayward Gallery

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II also opened the contemporary Hayward Gallery on London’s South Bank 50 years ago. Adjacent to the Queen Elizabeth Hall, which the Queen had opened the previous year, the Hayward Gallery saw London’s riverside cultural centre extended.

Stroll along to the South Bank collection as well as the Royal pop art.

40 years of Top Trumps World Cup Football
40 years of Top Trumps

Launched in 1978, Top Trumps challenges card players to select the correct category to outmatch opponents.One of the first packs issued at the birth of the card game was the World Cup ’78 pack to coincide with the tournament taking place 40 years ago.

Shuffle over to the Top Trumps pop art by Art & Hue.

50 years of Colour TV licenses
50 years of British Colour

In 1967, the colour was broadcast for for the first time in Great Britain on BBC Two, and a year later in 1968, colour television licenses were available to buy for those with colourful TVs. It would be another year however before BBC One & ITV started broadcasting in colour.

Bring Colour to your walls with TV pop art by Art & Hue.

Vidal Sassoon & Grace Coddington
Mod Hair Anniversaries

2018 marked 90 years since the late revolutionary of Mod hairdressing, Vidal Sassoon was born. One of his models in the 1960s was Grace Coddington who celebrated her 77th birthday this year. After modelling, she went on to have a successful career as a fashion editor.

Flick over to the Mod Hair pop art by Art & Hue.

Mrs Peel hands over to Tara King
50 Years since Tara King’s Debut

When Diana Rigg drove into the sunset with Mr. Peel 50 years ago, the baton was passed to Linda Thorson. Whilst Mrs Peel’s departure upset devotees of the character, Tara King secured her own fans who fell for her ever-changing hair and outfits, as well as her resourcefulness.

Turn your teaspoon anti-clockwise over to “The Avengers” pop art.

Final Gerry Anderson Thunderbirds Film
50 Years since the original Thunderbirds

50 years ago, the original Thunderbirds characters had their final outing with Gerry Anderson in the feature film “Thunderbird 6”. Whilst there have been updated shows with International Rescue, Gerry Anderson’s original supermarionation figures hold a special place in fans’ hearts.

Thunderbirds Go Pop with Art & Hue’s print collection.

The Prisoner ends 50 years ago
50 years of The Prisoner

Despite having just 17 episodes, the impact of “The Prisoner” was phenomenal when it initally aired in 1967 and continues to have a profound affect on subsequent television shows that reference the stylish blend of surrealism, cryptic sci-fi, and psychological mystery.

See Art & Hue’s illustrated pop art of Patrick McGoohan.

85th Birthday of Joan Collins
Dame Joan turns 85!

Joan Collins celebrated her 85th birthday in 2018. Whilst some actresses might have put their feet up, it’s been a pleasure to see her this year in American Horror Story, which playfully referenced her performance in “Tales from the Crypt”.

Swish on over to the Joan Collins pop art collection.

Diana Rigg's 80th Birthday
Dame Diana Turns 80!

Dame Diana Rigg celebrated her 80th birthday treading the boards on New York’s Broadway. Her much lauded performance as Mrs Higgins in “My Fair Lady” saw award nominations and plaudits. Returning in the next series of Victoria, it’s great to see Diana still happy to be working.

See pop art & greeting cards featuring the great Dame herself.

Janette Scott's 80th Birthday
Janette Scott

Janette Scott will be celebrating her 80th birthday in 2018. The daughter of national treasure Thora Hird, Janette carved out a successful career in many films and her cult status was sealed forever in the lyrics of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

See pop art & greeting cards featuring Janette Scott.

Hammer Horror Queens' birthdays
Hammer Stars Birthdays

2018 saw Hammer Horror stars Valerie Leon and Anouska Hempel turn 75 and 77 respectively. Now Lady Weinberg, Anouska appeared in “Scars of Dracula” with Christopher Lee & Dennis Waterman, as well as “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service“, whilst Valerie was the double-star of “Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb” & has appeared in Bond & Carry On films.

Explore the Hammer Horror collection

Patrick Mower
Patrick Mower anniversaries

2018 is quite the anniversary-packed year for actor Patrick Mower. Not only did he turn 80 this year, it’s 40 years since the end of his series “Target” and 44 years since he appeared in “Special Branch”.
Patrick Mower’s credits are the very definition of cult TV having appeared in “The Avengers“, “Callan“, “Jason King“, and many more…

Say hello, hello, hello to the 1970s Cops collection.

The Professionals
35 years since The Professionals

CI5 had their last outing with Bodie & Doyle 35 years ago when “The Professionals” came to an end in 1983. Created by the same team as “The Avengers“, the show made stars of Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw as well as cementing Gordon Jackson as one of the nation’s favourite actors.

Slide across your car bonnet to the 1970s Cops collection

The Sweeney
The Sweeney anniversaries

44 years ago in 1974, the “Armchair Cinema” episode “Regan” aired on British TV. The pilot and precursor of “The Sweeney”, the series featuring Regan & Carter went on to run from 1975 until 1978 when the final episode aired 40 years ago.

Discover the 1970s Cops Pair of prints.

Michael Caine & Terence Stamp
Birthdays of 60s Icons

2018 saw the milestone birthdays of two iconic actors, both synonymous with the 1960s but with enduring careers to this day. Sir Michael Caine and Terence Stamp turned 85 and 80 respectively this year.

Discover the 1960s Spies pop art illustrations by Art & Hue.

Live It Up AKA Sing & Swing
55 years since “Live It Up”

2018 marks 55 years since the “mod musical” film “Live It Up” was released with David Hemmings & Steve Marriott. The film featured music by Joe Meek and fashions by Quant & John Stephen, the King of Carnaby.

See Art & Hue’s re-imagining of “Live It Up” and David Hemmings.

Roger Moore's Debut as James Bond 007
45 years since Roger Moore’s Bond Debut

With “Live & Let Die”‘s release in 1973, Roger Moore made his debut as the iconic secret agent James Bond. His first outing as 007 saw him hop across crocodiles, kill a snake with an aerosol can, and compromise Jane Seymour’s tarot card abilities.

Roger Moore pop art illustration by Art & Hue.

Joan Collins
35 years since Joan’s Dynasty Debut

35 years ago, Joan Collins sashayed onto American TV screens as Alexis Morell Carrington and proceeded to own the 1980s. An iconic character, Joan became even more globally famous than she was previously thanks to the glamourous and addictive soap opera.

Joan Collins pop art by Art & Hue.

70 Years since classic British film noir Brighton Rock
70 years since Brighton Rock

Featuring Richard Attenborough in his breakthrough role as Pinkie Brown, the World Premiere of “Brighton Rock” was held in Brighton on the 8th of January 1948, followed by a Gala Premiere at the Leicester Square Warner Cinema London on the 9th of January 1948.

Pop art of Brighton Rock available with or without text.

45 years of cult film The Wicker Man
45 years of The Wicker Man

45 years ago, the British cult film had its “official” screenings nationwide. Christopher Lee considered it to be his best work and the film’s longevity is testament to Anthony Shaffer’s great screenplay & Robin Hardy’s direction – the final shot alone is cinematic perfection.

Keep your appointment with Art & Hue’s pop art of “The Wicker Man”.

Bette Davis
50 years since The Anniversary

50 years ago, “The Anniversary” starring Bette Davis was released. Playing the mother, and mother-in-law, from hell, the Hollywood legend made her presence felt within a week of filming by getting the original director Alvin Rakoff replaced by Roy Ward Baker.

Discover stylish pop art featuring the screen doyenne Bette Davis.

Barbara Windsor in Sparrows Can't Sing
55 years since Sparrows Can’t Sing

55 years ago, Barbara Windsor caught the attention of cinemagoers in the film “Sparrows Can’t Sing”. From experimental theatre of the East End to the Carry On films and beyond, it was the start of Dame Barbara Windsor‘s journey to national treasure status.

“Sparrows Can’t Sing” pop art by Art & Hue.

Maggie Smith in Nowhere To Go
60 years since Nowhere To Go

60 years ago, Maggie Smith appeared in her first main film role in “Nowhere to Go”. Co-starring alongside George Nader in the British film noir thriller, her inaugural film appearance in a main role at the age of 25 garnered her first BAFTA nomination.

“Nowhere to Go” pop art featuring Maggie Smith, with or without text.

Billy Liar with Julie Christie
Happy 77th Birthday Julie Christie

55 years ago, Julie Christie burst onto film screens as Liz, the very embodiment of 1960s modernity in “Billy Liar”. She may have scared off Billy but audiences were happy to take a train ride with Julie. Director John Schlesinger also cast Julie in her Oscar-winning role in “Darling”.

Swing on over to the Julie Christie pop art collection.

Theatres Act ends censorship
Theatre Act ends censorship

In 1968, the Theatres Act ended censorship on London’s stages and enabled playwrights to push the envelope even further. The law was catching up to the reality of progressive stage-plays such as Joe Orton’s “Entertaining Mr Sloane” which was first performed in 1964.

Tread the boards with “Entertaining Mr Sloane” pop art.

George Formby Turned Out Nice Again
77 years since Turned Out Nice Again

Made at Ealing Studios, “Turned Out Nice Again” premiered at the London Pavilion Cinema on the 30th of June 1941. Based on the stage play “As You Are”, the film gave Formby the opportunity to move towards straight-forward comedy and away from the slapstick of previous productions.

Strum across to Art & Hue’s pop art of George Formby.

Jailhouse Rock
60 years since Jailhouse Rock

60 years ago, the King of Rock & Roll wowed British cinemagoers when “Jailhouse Rock” opened in 1958. The King changed music and culture forever in the 1950s with his revolutionary sound and inspired teenagers globally at the time, and in subsequent generations.

See Art & Hue’s pop art inspired by the King of Rock & Roll.

Audrey's main film debut
66 years since Secret People

66 years ago, Audrey was cast in “Secret People” by Thorold Dickinson. Her largest film role to date at that point, Dickinson filmed Audrey’s successful screen test for “Roman Holiday” in the same year at Pinewood Studios.

Explore the Audrey collection

Jaguar E-Type & Charnock Richard M6 Motorway Service Station
Mid-Century Motoring Milestones

55 years ago, a new modern service station opened on the M6. Charnock Warnock was designed by architect Terence Verity, who was also the art director of the classic comedy “School For Scoundrels”. 50 years ago, the Jag Series 2 was unveiled at the New York Motor Show.

Drive through to the Mid-Century Motoring pop art by Art & Hue.

Nana Mouskouri at the Eurovision Song Contest
55 years since Nana at Eurovision

The world-famous Greek singer originally came to international attention in the 1963 Eurovision Song Contest as the Luxembourg entry. Although the song “À force de prier” came 8th, it helped Nana to go on to win the Grand Prix du Disque in France.

Tune into the 1960s Songbirds pop art by Art & Hue.

Routemaster Bus & London Taxi Black Cabs
Anniversaries of London Icons

60 years ago, the vehicle that became known as the archetypal London taxi was launched. The Austin FX4 black cab has become synonymous with the capital as has the classic Routemaster bus which ceased production 50 years ago.

Flag down the Royal & London pop art by Art & Hue.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service 50 years
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Regarded by many to be the best James Bond film, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” starring Diana Rigg & George Lazenby started filming 50 years ago. With Joanna Lumley and Anouska Hempel, along with designs by Verner Panton, it’s certainly one of the most stylish Bonds of the era.

See the George & Diana pair of pop art prints.

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