THANK YOU! Art & Hue has been shortlisted in the Amara Interior Blog Awards!

Thanks to all who voted for Art & Hue to make the shortlist in the Amara Interior Blog Awards

Art & Hue has just learnt the exciting news that the blog has been shortlisted for “Best Company Blog” in the Amara Interior Blog Awards!

HUGE THANKS to everyone who voted to see Art & Hue make the shortlist of five, your support is much appreciated!

You may already know that Amara is an online retailer which carries a wide range of interior design goods but, as well as retail, for many years they’ve also been running the Interior Blog Awards and it’s amazing for Art & Hue to be shortlisted.

Looking forward to the awards ceremony which will be taking place in November. (I have no particular expectation of Art & Hue winning against such great competition in the same category, however wonderful it would be to win, but I’m sure a pleasant night out in London will be had!)

Thank you again to everyone who voted, as well as the judging panel, to see Art & Hue shortlisted!

Art & Hue's been shortlisted in the Amara Interior Blog Awards!

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