Pebble Mill

Most closely associated with the live magazine show “Pebble Mill at One”, the BBC’s Birmingham base in Edgbaston was officially opened by Princess Anne in 1971.

Designed by the architect John Madin, the modernist building was a mainstay of the schedules thanks to the daily “Pebble Mill at One” which was presented from the building’s foyer and first broadcast on the 2nd of October 1972.

Later years saw the addition of the late night show “Saturday Night at the Mill” from the 6th of March 1976, and the Hammer and Bond actress Jenny Hanley joined the presenting team on the 21st of June 1980.

Pebble Mill was home to many drama productions, including “All Creatures Great & Small”, “Howards’ Way” with Kate O’Mara, “Juliet Bravo”, “A Very Peculiar Practice” with Peter Davison, “Lord Peter Wimsey” with Ian Carmichael, as well as comedies and game shows.

On the 22nd of August 2000, the plan was announced to close the studios, which they did in 2004 and the Mid-century architecture was sadly demolished in 2005.

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