Bernard Cribbins

Bernard Cribbins by Art & Hue – stylish pop art prints of the much-loved British actor who appeared in radio, film & television shows for over 70 years.

With a career spanning over seventy years, Bernard Cribbins was a mainstay of British film and television, and a major part of childhoods across generations.

From television, including The Wombles and Jackanory, to films, such as the Carry On Films and “Daleks: invasion Earth 20150 A.D.”, Bernard was a profilic actor since his acting debut in 1956.

Bernard appeared in two episodes of The Avengers, one Emma Peel episode with Diana Rigg and Liz Fraser, and one Tara King episode along with John Cleese, as well as the 1966 Dr. Who Daleks film and the David Tennant-era TV series of Doctor Who.

Acting in theatre, film & TV; narration; hit comic songs, including “Right Said Fred”, with production by The Beatles’ George Martin; Cribbins entertained across mediums and was still working up until the age of 93.

Bernard’s credits include parts in the final Ealing Comedy “Davy”, “The Railway Children“, “Carry On Spying” and “Crooks in Cloisters“, both alongside Barbara Windsor, “Carry On Jack“, “Nothing Barred” with Naunton Wayne, “The Fast Lady” with Julie Christie, “Fawlty Towers” with John Cleese, and many more.

One of Bernard Cribbins’ films is “Two-Way Stretch” with Peter Sellers, Irene Handl, Liz Fraser, and Beryl Reid. Very popular upon release in 1960, and still enjoyed to this day, “Two-Way Stretch” sees three prisoners plotting a diamond robbery. The film opened at the Warner Cinema London on the 11th of February 1960 before going on general release from the 14th.

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