Business as usual at Art & Hue

Postal Pair of Stylish Pop Art Prints by Art & Hue

I hope you and yours are keeping well during these sad and difficult times. Whether you’re on the front line or staying at home, hope you’re doing fine and looking after yourself.

Postal Pair of Pop Art Prints by Art & Hue
Working from home, there’s no real change here at the Art & Hue studio where it’s business as usual.

As long as Royal Mail continue to collect and deliver worldwide (which they are), I’ll keep printing pop art for when you want to add some colour and style to your walls.

Whilst there are travel restrictions for passengers, goods are still winging around the world, and Royal Mail have said they won’t ask you to sign for anything when delivering, so you won’t have to touch their pen or hand-held devices.

All Art & Hue prints are printed on museum-quality archival matte card of 310gsm which is made in Britain so there’s been no interruption in paper supplies.

By the way, regarding the importance of frequent hand-washing, I highly recommend L’Occitane‘s hand soaps which I’ve personally been using for over 10 years now and my hands feel, and look, the better for them – the solid bars and the liquid ones.

Should your hands feel the need for extra care, they’re also renowned for their shea butter hand creams, which look like artist’s oil paint tubes. They recently sent free hand creams to NHS workers in hospitals as well as inviting them to collect a free tube from their stores.

This is not a sponsored plug or a paid ad for L’Occitane, I just rate them highly for their products and ethics.

If you’ve got any questions about deliveries or pop art, get in touch via the contact page.

Stay home, stay safe.

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