50 years of The Wicker Man

2023 is packed full of classic film anniversaries including cult film “The Wicker Man“.

The Wicker Man” is a classic horror that has been captivating audiences for 50 years. To mark this significant milestone, a 4k restoration of the film has been released on UHD Blu-ray, and Art & Hue has added new prints to “The Wicker Man” pop art collection.

The film was screened to the public for the first time on the 6th of December 1973 as the supporting title to “Don’t Look Now” at the Metropole cinema in London.

Whilst “Don’t Look Now” was critically lauded at the time, not many suspected that both these eerie and enigmatic films would go on to become two of the most beloved and enduring cult films of all time.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the classic British film, Art & Hue has added two new stylish pop art prints to The Wicker Man collection – a reimagined poster (taking care not to give away the ending like the original posters did, something that both director Robin Hardy and writer Anthony Shaffer were not best pleased about), and horror icon Ingrid Pitt who also appeared in Hammer films.

Wicker Man Poster stylish pop art print by Art & Hue
Ingrid Pitt stylish pop art print by Art & Hue

The Wicker Man” tells the story of a devout Christian police sergeant, played by Edward Woodward, who travels to a remote Scottish island to investigate the disappearance of a young girl. However, he realises too late that not all is as it seems with the pagan inhabitants of the island, which ultimately leads to a shocking and unforgettable climax.

The film has gained a dedicated following over the years and has become a cult classic, with its unique blend of horror, mystery, and folk music.

Studiocanal have restored all three cuts of “The Wicker Man” to mark the 50th anniversary.

The 4k restoration promises to bring the film to life like never before, enhancing the details and colours of the stunning Scottish landscapes and creating a more immersive viewing experience.

“The Wicker Man: Final Cut” was released in UK cinemas with accompanying 50th Anniversary event footage on the 21st of June, the Summer Solstice, and all three versions of “The Wicker Man” were released in a Collector’s Edition and on 4k UHD on the 4th of September 2023.

Overall, “The Wicker Man” remains a significant film in the horror genre, and the 50th anniversary 4k restoration is a fitting tribute to its legacy. Whether you’re a fan or a first-time viewer, it’s a film that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Come, it is time to keep your appointment with The Wicker Man pop art collection – browse the stylish pop art prints below, all available in three sizes and many colour options.

The Wicker Man pop art collection by Art & Hue

Art & Hue had the pleasure to access “The Wicker Man” archives at Studiocanal to create a group of stylish pop art prints inspired by the classic film. Discover “The Wicker Man” collection, available in three sizes and many colour options, below & online here.

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