2017 is packed full of anniversaries, from the first time we got to see Steed & Emma Peel in colour to the birth of Carnaby Street as the fashionable heart of Swinging London, here’s Art & Hue’s handy round-up of milestones in 2017 and the pop art inspired by them.

60 years of Carnaby Street

60 years of Carnaby Street

In 1957, a 23-year-old Scotsman called John Stephen opened up the first fashionable menswear boutique aimed at young men on Carnaby Street and proceeded to build a retail empire on the street, making it globally-famous as the heart of Swinging London during the 1960s.

Stroll through the King of Carnaby Street pop art.

55 Years of James Bond - Pop Art by Art & Hue

55 years of James Bond

2017 marks 55 years since the first ever James Bond film when Dr. No started filming on the 16th of January 1962 and premiered in October of the same year. Art & Hue has prints featuring some of the faces that appeared in the long-running spy series.

See pop art featuring actors who appeared in the James Bond films.

100 years of Windsor

100 years of Windsor

2017 marks several royal milestones – it’s the year of the Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee marking 65 years on the throne, The Queen & Prince Philip’s 70th wedding anniversary, plus the year that marks 100 years since the royal family became the House of Windsor.

Discover right-royal pop art by Art & Hue.


The Avengers go colour with Tara King

In 1967, The Avengers series started broadcasting in colour (for those with colour TVs) & Emma Peel handed the spying baton to Tara King on set. Whilst Diana Rigg’s departure upset devotees of Mrs Peel, Linda Thorson secured her own fans who fell for the resourceful novice spy.

Browse The Avengers pop art by Art & Hue.

50 years of Colour TV in Great Britain

50 years of British Colour

In 1967, the colour was switched on for the first time in Great Britain, literally and metaphorically. The BBC broadcast the first colour pictures in July 1967 & society at large, and the British cultural landscape, seemed more colourful when homosexuality was decriminalised on July 27th 1967.

Bring Colour to your walls with TV pop art by Art & Hue.

The face & darling of the 1960s celebrated her 77th Birthday in 2017

Happy 77th Birthday Julie Christie

The “darling” of the 1960s, British actress, & “It”-girl, Julie Christie turned 77 this year. An icon of “Swinging London”, Julie won an Academy Award for her performance in “Darling” directed by John Schlesinger, who also directed the actress in “Billy Liar”.

Swing on over to the Julie Christie pop art collection.

45 years since filming began on cult film The Wicker Man

45 years since The Wicker Man’s filming

45 years ago, the British cult film started filming in Scotland. Christopher Lee considered it to be his best work and the film’s longevity is testament to Anthony Shaffer’s great screenplay & Robin Hardy’s direction – the final shot alone is cinematic perfection.

Keep your appointment with Art & Hue’s pop art of “The Wicker Man”.


60 years of Hammer Horror films

In 1957, Hammer films released the first of many colour horror films for which the company would become famous. 60 years ago Hammer began their prolific output of horrors in vivid colour, such as “Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb”, “Scars of Dracula”, & “Horror of Frankenstein”.

Explore the Hammer Horror collection.

70 Years since classic British film noir Brighton Rock

70 years since “Brighton Rock”

70 years ago, the 1947 British crime thriller “Brighton Rock” had its first trade screening, starring Richard Attenborough in his breakthrough film role as gang leader Pinkie Brown. The classic British film noir was filmed in Brighton with a screenplay by Graham Greene & Terence Rattigan.

See the British film noir pop art exclusively by Art & Hue.

25 Years of Joanna Lumley as Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous

25 years of Patsy Stone

25 years ago, television audiences were introduced to the delight of Joanna Lumley‘s unique creation – the outrageous fashion editor Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous. A new departure for The New Avenger, Patsy became an instant cultural icon & Joanna a national treasure.

See Ab Fab pop art of Joanna Lumley by Art & Hue.

Callan Anniversaries with Edward Woodward

Edward Woodward’s “Callan”

50 years ago, TV screens in 1967 saw the launch of a new spy series starring Edward Woodward as Callan. Darker & grittier than other fictional spies, the TV series came to an end in 1972, 45 years ago. Lauded for “The Wicker Man”, it’s “Callan” where audiences were first captivated by the actor.

See Art & Hue’s illustrated pop art of Edward Woodward.

55 years since cult TV show The Saint with Roger Moore

55 Years of “The Saint”

55 years ago, the suave & debonair Simon Templar glided onto British TV screens when “The Saint” debuted in 1962. Audiences were treated to the natural charm of Roger Moore in the show that ran until 1969, second only to “The Avengers” in the amount of episodes.

See Art & Hue’s illustrated pop art of the saintly Roger Moore.

50 years of cult TV show The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan

50 years of The Prisoner

Despite having just 17 episodes, the impact of “The Prisoner” was phenomenal when it initally aired in 1967 and continues to have a profound affect on subsequent television shows that reference the stylish blend of surrealism, cryptic sci-fi, and psychological mystery.

See Art & Hue’s illustrated pop art of Patrick McGoohan.

45 years since the cult TV series Jason King with Peter Wyngarde

45 years since Jason King

Peter Wyngarde’s flamboyant spy Jason King debuted in 1969 series “Department S”, then starred in his own spin-off show until 1972. Defining the peacock dandy, it’s no surprise that the Carnaby Street King, John Stephen, awarded Wyngarde with “Best Dressed Man” in 1970.

See Art & Hue’s illustrated pop art of Peter Wyngarde.

Art & Hue marks Carry On Birthdays

Carry On Birthdays

With Dame Barbara Windsor turning 80 this year, Art & Hue takes a look at the birthdays of more performer from the classic Carry On comedies. The longest-running British film series (yes, longer than James Bond), Art & Hue raises a glass to toast these British cultural icons.

Read Art & Hue’s blog post round-up of Carry On Birthdays.

Vidal Sassoon & Jeanne Roland

Vidal Sassoon & Jeanne Roland

Jeanne Roland modelled for hairdressing revolutionary Vidal Sassoon in 1964, before going on to appear in James Bond films “Casino Royale” and “You Only Live Twice”. Vidal Sassoon sadly passed away five years ago but his legacy of modern hairdressing endures.

Book an appointment with Art & Hue’s Mod Hair pop art.

50 years of the Queens Head on Postage Stamps by Art & Hue

50 years of Iconic Stamps

50 years ago, Royal Mail decided to revamp their postage stamps and created a new model of The Queen’s profile. This was used to launch a new series of stamps by Machin with the instantly identifiable image of The Queen’s head, in various colours & values.

View the Postal pop art by Art & Hue.

65 years since Audrey made her first main film debut

65 years since “Secret People”

65 years ago, Audrey’s first main film appearance was released in UK cinemas. If it wasn’t for Thorold Dickinson casting Audrey in “Secret People”, and then filming her screen test for “Roman Holiday”, the world may have been deprived of her iconic performances.

View the Audrey pop art.

Mod 1960s Models Birthdays

Model Birthdays

In 2017, iconic fashion models of the 1960s are celebrating milestone birthdays. Arguably the world’s first supermodel, Jean Shrimpton is turning 77 this year and the uniquely distinctive Peggy Moffitt is now 75 years old.

View the 1960s Models illustrated pop art.

140 years since the first long-distance phone calls

140 years of phone calls & companies

140 years ago, the first long-distance phone calls were made and the first commercial telephone company started in 1877 in Friedrichsberg, near Berlin. Art & Hue still has a hankering for Mid-Century receivers with the curly cords and they feature in several art prints.

Dial up Art & Hue’s art prints featuring telephones.

Happy 100th Birthday to ground-breaking actor Earl Cameron

Happy 100th Earl Cameron!

Not only has Earl reached the milestone of 100 years, he broke new ground in his long career as an actor. “Pool of London” was the first British film to cast a black actor in a main role, and have an interracial relationship, with Earl Cameron making his film debut.

Read more on the blog about Earl Cameron.

50 years South Bank London

50 years of Queen Elizabeth Hall

50 years ago, Her Majesty The Queen officially opened the music venue Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank in London. The start of the Brutalist expansion of the riverside arts complex, striking architecture helped establish the Southbank Centre as London’s cultural heart.

Stroll through the South Bank pop art by Art & Hue.

40 years since the passing of The King of Rock & Roll

40 Years since the King of Rock & Roll’s Death

40 years ago, the world was shocked by the news that the King of Rock & Roll had died. The King changed music and culture forever in the 1950s with his revolutionary sound and inspired teenagers at the time, and in subsequent generations.

Rock on over to see the King of Rock & Roll pop art prints.


20 years since the passing of Princess Diana

This year marks 20 years since the passing of Diana, Princess of Wales. Art & Hue has created an illustrated pop art print to remember the Queen of People’s Hearts.

See the Princess Diana pop art illustration.

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