Mad About The House Design

It’s been a busy couple of months at Art & Hue, creating and preparing new pop art collections for launch, as well as printing art to order, plus applying a design refresh to Mad About the House, the online home of interiors journalist & writer Kate Watson-Smyth.

Firmly established as the go-to blog for design inspiration, the site’s design incorporates an editorial look to reflect Kate’s extensive newspaper and magazine background, with a logo that’s elegant yet strong, stylish and authoritative – the blog is rated the Number 1 Interiors Blog in the UK after all.

The site design and logo is clean and stylish in classic black & white, which allows the colours of the images to be the focus, using a journo typewriter font to add a magazine masthead feel.

The site is packed full of interiors inspiration, product news, design tricks, styling tips, excerpts from her best-selling books, plus house reveals – Kate recently redecorated her new London home (take a look at her fabulous new kitchen here) and is currently renovating an Italian property so more reveals on the way.

Take a look at Kate’s award-winning blog and the design refresh by Art & Hue at

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