Introducing LEAF, a fresh new colour.

Leaf is a fresh new addition to the Art & Hue colour options, more yellow than Verdigris green and less blue than Emerald.

Still eye-catching and “pop”, the new Leaf green seems to change mood depending on the interior and pop art, varying from olive to lime, pea to apple, lettuce to chartreuse.

The new Leaf shade works in all design schemes, being almost a neutral that complements interiors filled with natural textures of wood, leather, metal, slate, stone, marble, etc., but also works well as an accent to add a hit of colour to any room.

Taking inspiration from a 1960s fashion colour, which had a resurgence in the late 80s, the new hue is a perfectly balanced contradiction: simultaneously retro and contemporary; comforting and refreshing; calming and energising.

Leaf pair of pop art prints by Art & Hue
The new green hue of Leaf has been added to all the existing prints which were previously available in single colour options where applicable.

If you’re looking to display prints of different colours together, place a Leaf pop art print next to a pink like Fuchsia or Think Pink for a hit of freshness amongst the floral; with Lilac or Copper for a retro spin; with Yellow or Stone for sunny natural neutrals; or with Blush or Cobalt blue for a contemporary combination.

Ethically-made & eco-friendly art prints
With the new Leaf green being added to the colour palette, it seems opportune to mention the green credentials of the eco-friendly papers & environmentally conscious details of Art & Hue.

For full details about the ethically-made & eco-friendly prints, take a look here.

Leaf Contemporary
Leaf Fresh Floral
Leaf Retro
Leaf Natural Neutrals

Here’s a small selection of just some of the many prints now available in the new LEAF colour

Leaf stylish pop art print by Art & Hue
Leaves stylish pop art print by Art & Hue
Timothy Dalton illustration by Art & Hue
Welsh Ffilm Map stylish pop art print by Art & Hue

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