Kiss My Buttons


What could possibly be more 1960s Swinging London than Joanna Lumley in a guardsman's jacket?

Unframed art giclée print, printed on 310gsm fine art archival matte paper, made from 100% cotton, using pigment inks for longevity.

Also available as part of a group of prints.

Choose from 20 colours – select a colour to preview image (click on image to expand):


Thanks to the trend for vintage military clothing started by “I Was Lord Kitchener's Valet” of Carnaby Street, the British Army's red military jackets, or tunics, became one of the defining looks of the 1960s, making appearances on musicians and in films of the era.

Prescient of Patsy Stone, with ciggy in hand, this print is called “Kiss My Buttons” after an episode of Absolutely Fabulous where Patsy intends to intimidate her fellow magazine editors by wearing her status-symbol Chanel couture suit.

Based on a publicity shot of Joanna Lumley taken during the filming of “The Breaking of Bumbo” from the photographic archives, Joanna strikes a pose in vintage military tunic with cigarette in hand.

Available in A4, A3, and A2 sizes to fit standard-size picture frames. Please note that black frame is not included – for a guide on choosing a frame size take a look here.

An official collaboration with StudioCanal, this print is part of the new collection of stylish pop art by Art & Hue inspired by images from the photographic archives of the elegant actress Joanna Lumley, in Art & Hue’s signature halftone Pop Art style (halftone is an age-old technique that uses dots to make up the image, similar to newspapers or comic books).

“The Breaking of Bumbo” Copyright © STUDIOCANAL Films Ltd, (1970). All rights reserved.
Copyright © Art & Hue® 2016-2020. All rights reserved.

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